My Hobbies
Some of my recreational activities, which usually were drawing and writing, but since those two are my semiprofessional/professional activities, I have to put more things here.

I admit it, I love role-playing games and I can't get enough... When I'm not writing about them, I'm playing them, be it with local friends or at online venues like e-mail and chat forums.



An e-mail-based game that mixes science fiction with supernatural phenomena.


Another email game, based on an anime series. It's over, but the material remains.


An introductory site to White Wolf's games, from when I created a demo team. It's a bit obsolete now. (spanish)

My characters

These are some of my favourite characters that I play or have played in games I haven't run myself.

  • Kyley Teague (Psychic art pundit. d20 Modern)
  • Albione (wacko, hawk shapeshifter warrior. Exalted: Lunars)
  • Ki'iren (Manipulative sorceress. Exalted: Dragon-blooded)
  • Naoko Kitsuki (Samurai. Dungeons & Dragons/Rokugan)
  • Wu Li Lung (lizardfolk monk. Dungeons & Dragons/Forgotten Realms)

My Campaigns

...and these are the games I run. There's no information on them, but I'll be updating them soon, although most of it will be in spanish.

  • Graelfas (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • Trinity
  • Adventure!

My recent favourite child, it's a project started by me and some friends.
It's a setting for D&D as it is a webcomic.The material for each has its own site:

In construction, it will contain the spanish-version text for material that will appear in the comic's site.

The Webcomic inlcudes an art gallery expanded from the one in this site.

Amongst the things I like to do, there's also playing and composing music. I'm not good, but I struggle :)


Modelos y Miniaturas
I also like to paint models and miniatures, although they are not the traditional planes and boats... I'll put up some photos here.

Frankly, I'm not sure what I'm going to put in here...