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For better or worse, writing is something I've always liked to do and is what best defines my profession nowadays so, without further ado, here's a sample of what I've written.

Warning, these articles are in spanish as they were for Mexican magazines. Most of them are only samples, although I will upload the complete versions soon, as the copyright holders are no longer legal entities.

"Cómo elegir un DVD" - "How to choose a DVD"; a short pitch for a men's magazine.

"¿Quién le Teme al Lobo Feroz" - "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?", an introduction to the Werewolf: the Apocalypse role-playing game for a local magazine called El Vigilante. They didn't pay me, so the complete article is here.

"Derechos de Copyright" - "Copy Rights". Sample from Sputnik magazine for its "Virtual Realidad" section, which muddles the line between reality and fiction in order to probe a concept, which in this case is cloning technology.

"Los 7 Pecados Digitales" - "The Seven Digital Sins". Another Sputnik article, and a cover article at that. A humorous look at the seven capital sins in the Information Age.

"Fama Digital" - "Digital Fame". Yet another Sputnik article, an exploration of the concept of virtual celebrities.

OK, so I have not written books other than role-playing, but as soon as I write a novel, in here it goes.

Terra VerdeTrinity - Terra Verde
Co-Author with Deidre Brooks and Zach Bush, White Wolf Publishing, January, 2002.

A look to South America and the Norça psionic order in year 2122 for the Trinity role-playing game. I wrote the countries of South America, the biotech and pharmacology chapters, tips for playing in South America and important characters.

Champions of the Scarred LandsChampions of the Scarred Lands
Anthology, "The River's Flow", White Wolf Publishing, January, 2002.

A short story anthology in the Scarred Lands, the setting created by Sword & Sorcery Studios for the d20 game. Mi contribution is the story titled "The River's Flow"..

Ships of WarTraveller's Tales: Ships of War
Author, 32pgs, Mongoose Publishing, March, 2002.

A book on warships for fantasy games. It needs Traveller's Tales: Seas of Blood, as it derives from its rules.

ConstructsEncyclopaedia Arcane: Constructs
Author, 64pgs, Mongoose Publishing, March, 2002.

A system for fantasy d20 games to create golems, automata and other magical creations with a life of their own.

ShamansEncyclopaedia Divine: Shamans
Author, 64pgs, Mongoose Publishing, May 2002.

A new player character class: the shaman. A lot of shamanic magic, spirits and the like.

ZahhakZahhak - Ashen Plains of the Abyss
Author, 32pgs, Mongoose Publishing, June, 2002.

A small description of one of the layers of the Abyss, where the worst threat is not a demon hordes that populate the ashen dunes, but the power of Apathy, a great evil that has gone unchallenged.

The Quintessential ElfThe Quintessential Elf
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, June, 2002.

A very complete collection of options for elf characters, from concepts and prestige classes to new tricks, magic, and my favourite: an aerial combat system.

ElementalismEncyclopaedia Arcane: Elementalism
Author, 64pgs, Mongoose Publishing, July 2002.

Elemental magic for D&D. Apart from arcane spells, the book includes two different ways in which to use the power of the elements.

HighthroneHighthrone - City Above the Clouds
Author, 64pgs, Mongoose Publishing, August, 2002.

A fantasy city that can be included in any game without too much trouble. A city built in the mountain tops and how its inhabitants have gotten used to living above the clouds.

Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol.1Ultimate Prestige Classes Vol.1
Compiler and additional text, 256pgs, Mongoose Publishing, September 2002.

A huge collection of prestige classes. Besides choosing, clasifying, describing and correcting, I wrote the chapter on how to use and create prestige classes.

Power Classes - ExorcistPower Classes - Exorcist
Author, 16pgs, Mongoose Publishing, October, 2002.

A new character class for D&D characters: the exorcist, with new abilities and options for divine magic.

The Quintessential PaladinThe Mage Storyteller's Handbook
"Suspension of disbelief", White Wolf Publishing, November, 2002.

My contribution to this book is an essay on how to use the language of films to run a role-playing session. It was a short, but fun text to write.

The Quintessential PaladinThe Quintessential Paladin
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, January, 2003.

Options for one of the least appreciated classes: the paladin. If follows the format from this line, presenting character concepts, tricks, magic and exclusive options for paladins, such as honour codes and sacred weapons.

War Machines of 2089War Machines of 2089
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, March, 2002.

I get to do a lot of collections, apparently. This is a collection of giant robots for the Armageddon 2089: Total War game. Includes rules to create WarMek workshops and tips to create new meks.

The Quintessential PaladinEncyclopaedia Arcane: Dragon Magic
Author, 64pgs, Mongoose Publishing, March, 2003.

The magic that comes from dragons and that any character in the d20 game can learn to use.

War Machines of 2089The Slayer's Guide to Kobolds
Author, 32pgs, Mongoose Publishing, April, 2002.

Nobody respects kobolds, but they are amongst the most curious monsters in the game.

The Quintessential PaladinThe Quintessential Gnome
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, May, 2003.

Same as with elves and paladines, but now with gnomes.

War Machines of 2089BESM d20 (Big Eyes, Small Mouth)
Adittional text, Guardians of Order, July, 2003.

A system for anime role-playing games and its adaptation to the d20 rules. My contribution was the description of the character classes.

The Quintessential Half-OrcThe Quintessential Half-Orc
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, 2003.

And now it's the half-orc's turn..

DemonsSlayer's Guide to Demons
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, 2003.

The most perverse creatures in the D&D monster manual, and this is a 128-pager too. I'm quite proud of some of the chapters..

High FrontierThe High Frontier
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, 2003.

One of the books for which I have researched most, especially for the aerospace combat system and the design of flying vehicles.

Soldier's CompanionThe Soldier's Companion)
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, 2003.

Another research-filled book, but this is about infantry military tactics, espionage techniques and military organization in general..

Book of AdventuringThe Book of Adventuring
Co-Author with Adrian Bott, 256pgs, Mongoose Publishing, January 2004.

A book that compiles much of my gaming experience, as it deals with advice for fantasy adventurers, from organizing a party to how players can use the Internet to their advantage.

The QUintessential Fighter IIThe Quintessential Fighter II
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, January 2004.

The second go at books about classes and races. As this is the first of the second series, it fell to me to come up with the new format.

The Quintessential Wizard IIThe Quintessential Wizard II
Author , 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, April 2004.

And here we go again, but with wizards.

The Quintessential Wizard IIGamma World - Cryptic Alliances & Unknown Enemies
Co-Author with Geoff Skellams and Owen Stephens, White Wolf Publishing, June 2004.

The most fun part to write were the examples of leadership in the Gamma World.

The Quintessential Dwarf IIThe Quintessential Dwarf II
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, June 2004.

And once more, but now dealing with dwarves.

OGL SteampunkOGL Steampunk
Author, 304pgs, Mongoose Publishing, July 2004.

The first full game I write, although more than half is an adaptation of the d20 system SRD. This genre mixes fantasy with Victorian-age technology, although this game is more about the fantasy.

Blue RoseBlue Rose
Co-Author with John Snead and Dawn Elliott, 198pgs, Green Ronin, October 2004.

You could say this was my second game, but I finished my part of this project on January 2003. We called this "romantic fantasy" as it is based in fantasy works with a different approach than the traditional Tolkienan flavour.

The Quintessential Fighter II
Author, 128pgs, Mongoose Publishing, January 2005.

And this is my last book for the Quintessential series, dealing about the bard, one of the classes I've written for that I actually play :)

Blue RoseThe Artificial Hero's Handbook
Author, 55pgs, Ronin Arts, February 2005.

This is a PDF book available for purchase from RPGNow (click on Details to buy it :) ). It's all about designing and advancing a unique construct race from any genre that might have artificial characters: fantasy, horror, cyberpunk, space opera, modern fantasy, etc.

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