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If you want some pointers, check the Cast page to see other player's filled forms. Don't forget to send your completed character sheet to the Gamemaster. Save this page as text and fill in the blanks, or download an HTML blank page and... fill in the blanks ^_^ (this last option speeds up the uploading of your character sheet to the The Cast page).

An interactive form will be available... someday ^_^.

NOTE: Due to the extremely numerous requests I receive for pilot characters and the insufficience of actual Units in a setting loyal to the original series' flavor (we don't want to turn this into Galaxy Fraulein Yuna, do we?), every would-be pilot must start as a normal teenager in the pilots' class; so think of your character as a kid first, and as a pilot later; duty will call soon enough. WARNING: The queue for pilot positions is at least 10 players long now... you might not become a pilot after all.

Character Restrictions: I tried being acommodating, understanding and reasonable, but the repeated instances of the following character concepts have pushed me to put a lock on them. Characters with the following characteristics will be automatically rejected. Don't even try.

1) Martial arts are banned; if you can't think of a character without martial arts training, you're better off joining another kind of game. The only character types allowed to practice martial arts are those associated with police, army or espionage related occupations. Teenagers can join a martial arts club, but their skill can't go beyond Level 2, and they don't have real combat experience. Sheesh!

2) No more scientific freaks. There are clones, Angel splices and other results of Science Gone Bad. Please don't add another, the concept gets old fast.

3) Related to 1): The next person to submit a teenager who is extremely or abnormaly good at fighting will be killfiled. Honest, people, try to be original!!!

NOTE2: Adopt an NPC! If you can't come up with an idea, go to The Cast page and take a look at our exclusive list of Non-Player Characters. They come with ties, subplots and background included, all for the non-price of one! Seriously... there're a lot of NPCs with tremendous potential to be explored and begging for their stories to be told; if you're interested in playing any of them, contact me and we'll settle something.

Click here for an empty character sheet.
If you know HTML, fill in the blanks between the tags
The sheet includes the combat information;
read the Combat Guide before filling that part

Evangelion RP Application, ver. 1.0

Real Life Info

<Don't be paranoid; if you're doing this, and somebody wants to get your permission before screwing with your character, then you'll be glad they can find this...>

Artwork: <In case you include a picture, say who's the artist>

Your name:
E-mail address:

For the following, just remove the words in <> and type the answer...


Name: <need help with coming up with a cool japanese name? Visit The Onomastikon.>

Age: <At least 13 but not more than 15 for pilots or pilot candidates... so if you ever want to get in an Eva, not older than 15. At least 17 for NERV or Seele or government employment, excepting a prodigy.>

Nationality: <almost certainly Japanese, but knock yourself out!>

Physical description (height, weight, build): <Give us a general idea of how your character is built. How tall, how heavy, wide shoulders? Rail thin? Portly?>

Hair, color and style: <duh>

Eyes: <Do NOT answer "red and glowing", although "red" is okay if you're an albino...>

Other appearance notes: <Moles? Birthmarks? Missing limbs?>

Family status (mother, father, siblings...): <Are there any? Alive? Pilots or pilot candidates cannot have a close relationship with their mother. Don't bother detailing them, yet, just come up with the general idea...>

Current residence: <ostensibly somewhere in Tokyo-3, but where? The pilot's apartment building? Next door to the hamburger place where verybody acts? Did that last Angel fall on it?>


General: <Okay, flesh the poor guy or girl out. How does he or she act? Speak? Think? This section is to give other writers a handle on your character, so that they act mostly the same whenever they're written into the story by somebody else. This is a good thing to happen, so be detailed. If you've got some horrible deep dark that you don't want to reveal, then just drop a few hints about it...>

Special (insanities?): <Alternate personalities? Schizophrenia? Stares obsessively at his hand?>

Quirks of note: <Dislike of gerbils? Wears only plaid? Funny accent?>

Love interests: <You shouldn't start with one, but...>

Friends: <Any familiar faces?>

Rivals, professional: <Other pilots? The other bridge staff? The OTHER okonomiyaki chef? (Well, maybe not...)>

Rivals, romantic: <Again, these tend to develop, but...>

Enemies: <Again, these develop, but...>


Skills of note: <Okay, here's where you tell us what your character is good at. Don't go hog-wild on these, now. Remember that any pilots are really fourteen-year-old kids, and even if they're geniuses they STILL probably aren't smarter than the guy who wrote out this form, so no rocket scientists or the like. Any pilot has to be at least MINIMALLY competent at synching with an Eva. Doesn't mean they have to be good at piloting it, though... Professional characters need to have some skill in their job, so if you're a technician, list that here.

Also, a relative note on just HOW good the character is can come in handy. Again, remember that your character will be much more interesting if they aren't perfect at everything, to say nothing about realism.>

Lack of skills of note: <Here's the humor section. What ordinary human tasks can your character be relied upon to screw up every single blippin' time? Can't cook? Can't drive? Can't make conversation with the opposite sex? What?>


Skill of note: <Here's your chance to describe exactly HOW your character knows how to fight. If they can't, that's fine, put that down! If they CAN, some kind of description of their style and where they picked it up goes here. Skill isn't developed in a vacuum...>

Reactions of note: <Regardless of your actual skill, you should put here what your probable reactions are in a fight. Bare fists? Reach for the convenient iron pipe? Shoot first and never get around to the questions? Eva pilots, think about how your character works with their Eva, that goes here too.>


<Insert here. Remember, EVERYBODY was affected by the Second mpact... we assume that your character survived, assuming that he/she was that old, but how? Details? If not, what happened with the folks? This will be much more complicated for the staffers than the pilots, due to age, but remember the theme and that angsty pilots make for good stories.>

Secrets: <Include any sensitive information that you don't want other players to look at inadvertedly; is he in league with the Angels, is she an ultra-secret U.N. agent? Is he the 7th son of a 7th son and dances the Marena really well?>

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