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Background Info

The Earth was struck on September 13, 2000, by a large meteorite in the Antarctic region. Such was the force of the impact that the Earth was tilted further on it's axis and the South Pole ice cap, the continent of Antarctica, melted, raising ocean levels all over the world. Cities were buried under hundreds of meters of water and many lives were lost. The weather patterns becames irregular and natural disasters occured in the most unlikely regions.

However, after some time, the weather settled into a light, spring-summer season. People started to regain their lost lives or built new ones.

It was thought that the impact, now dubbed the Second Impact, was caused by a meteorite. Few know the truth. It was really the First Angel. (Yes, we're going against canon as posed in the series; it's not the only deviation, tho'; read on ^_^)

An exploration team was at the South Pole at the time of Impact. Most died. However, a few survived to form the organization known as NERV and began building the top-secret Angel-combating weapon. A weapon known as Evangelion.

Let's be honest... we're all familiar with the basic tenets of how the Eva universe works, right? Normal laws of physics are in effect; people really do bleed and die (on quite a regular basis, at times!), and otherwise it resembles modern-day society, with a bit better in the way of computer and medical technologies. Crowded it's not, as three fifths of humanity bought it a scant fifteen years ago. Even with the post-impact population explosion, it'll be a long time before the world needs to worry about overcrowding again.

However, there are some differences that separate our game world from the one presented in the original series; not only are the characters changed, but also some of the underlying secrets so, even if you know what's hidden inside Terminal Dogma in the original series, it doesn't mean that you know if there's even a Terminal Dogma in our environment. Some of the changes will be detailed in their appropriate section; others will be uploaded once they're mentioned in the list.

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After the Second Impact

Timeline by Al-X Melchor, with contributions from Adam Souness, Trevor Smith, Kevin A. Pezzano, Matthew Bradford and Hirohito Otomo.

1990's - The breakup of the original Section 23 and the formation of the new one.

1998 - Gotoh Minobe starts working with SEELE, marries Kaede in the same year.

1999 - The Antarctic explorations begin in search of new genetic material buried under miles of ice. Kaede Minobe oversees. Luna Ayanami in charge of security. Dr. Takeshi Hayakawa reveals his experiments in neural interface computers and psychokinetic talent, but a scandal related to a children's hospital sinks his career into obscurity.

A faction within Section 23 begins the 'Nuremberg Youth' super-soldier project. Disgusted by the overly Nazi programming of the cloned test subjects, Section 23's commands sells the involved parties out, killing any who would point at them.

2000.- The Second Impact occurs on September; the First Angel, Lucifer, is free from it's icy tomb. Admiral Cutter is blamed with the loss of half the U.S. Navy in the resulting violent tides, which has weakened the country's international leverage.

2000-2005.- Conflict erupts around the world, as nations strive to get hold of the surviving natural resources. Food riots abound, and refugees are the norm in most cities. Coastal cities suffer the greatest, as do countries dependant on the seas.

2000.- The United States, hit hard by the Second Impact, enforces nationwide martial law to control food riots. China's northern borders are clogged with refugees, as tensions between them and their old Russian foes re-escalate. The old Soviet Union is effectively reborn as a mass blitzkrieg of the former states takes place in the confusion of the Impact. Eastern Europe resorts to near fuedalism as the already tattered governments either revert to Soviet control, or become fiefdoms.

2001.- Rebuilding of Chinese and Soviet nuclear arsenals takes place. The UN, already bogged down with the problems of it's covert ops, does little if anything to interfere with the long standing feud. Said covert ops uncover and raid the 'Nuremberg Youth' project and confiscates all the data.

2002.- Gehirn is founded as a project by the U.N. for bioengeneering research; using the basis of the 'Nuremberg Youth' and undisclosed techniques from undisclosed source it's really geared towards research of the development of the biotech weapons codenamed Project E; behind the world's back, Gehirn conducts experiments in cloning techniques, biomatrices growth and 7th generation supercomputers. Section 23 hears about this and begins its own search, but more focused on the individual. Cmmdr. Luna Ayanami is appointed chief of staff.

2005.- Tokyo-2 finishes construction; Tokyo-3's development begins.

2006-2009.- The UN acquires political clout as it forces its military hand to squash the skirmishes; there's a brief period of totalitarian regimes around the world; people suffer, but order is slowly reestablished. Section 23 initiates Project Lazarus using stolen (and incomplete) data from Gehirn.

2007.- The Falklands conflict begins, as various rogue terrorist factions take up operations and threaten a second worldwide holocaust, targeting Washington, London, Moscow, and Tokyo-2 as their first intended victims. The U.N. intervenes after a bomb attack in Des Moines kills 21 government workers, it would mark the first vindication of a terrorist act by KERN.

2008.- The 'Mexican' Standoff; the rebuilt USSR and China threaten with nuclear war to resolve conflict over the Siberian and Manchurian borders; the U.N. shows it's true power as it commands the -entirety- of its member countries to point their guns to the warring states in a historically effective 'stop it' gesture. A peace treaty is forced, but tension remains and the U.N.'s regulations now prohibit such a worldwide coercion against a state unless its actions threatens the whole planet.

2006.- Gehirn announces that it has discovered a new threat stalking mankind, and presents a plan to develop the weapons necessary to fight it. Later that year, Gehirn changes its name to NERV and takes control of the development of Tokyo-3 and the GeoFront, abandoning the previous project, which would become the Sprawl. Cmmdr. Luna Ayanami brings Seki Hisano, of Mashindana Heavy Industries, into the fold; gains control of the warfare applications of NERV.

2007.- Evangelion Unit 00 begins development.

2010-2015.- Under the military supervision of the UN, the world returns to a factual democratic ruling, with the exception of the Middle East, China, several African nations, and India, but national sovereignity is invoked and the UN must back off. The Falklands conflict lengthens as the area becomes prime territory for mercenaries from countries who don't wish official involvement. Several units report bizarre weather phenomoena repeatedly in the area, mostly ignored by the world abroad.

2011.- The MAGI supercomputers come online, with their help, Project E accelerates the growth of the rest of the Eva Units as follows: Unit 01 in NERV-Japan; Unit-02 in NERV-Germany; Unit 03 and Unit 04 in NERV-US. NERV Intelligence begins its operations, after crash course training of its operatives, begun years before. Tokyo-3 population grows as more and more jobs open in the new and prosperous city.

2012.- Dr. Gotoh Minobe dies in an accident, electrocuted inside MAGI Myrddin. Dr. Jun Ogami is appointed chief of the Scientific Division, to the chagrin of Dr. Kaede Minobe, relegated to overseeing the biological components of the Evas. Unit 01 finishes development.

The United States, facing economic collapse once again, begins a 'military loan' project, much to the chagrin of the Pentagon. Various units from all armed service branch are unwillingly contracted to Japan, France, and Britain. Congressional hearings on the matter begin the next day.

2012-2015.- Under the flag of the Marduk Institute, NERV Intelligence begins identiffying the Children that would pilot the Evangelions, and begins arranging their transference to Tokyo-3 where necessary. Most Eva Units arrive at Tokyo-3, in wait for their pilots. The U.N. doles out the U.S.'s contracted forces, and assigns some to assist NERV in Japan, severing their former financial obligation to Japan and placing them under direct command of a military-endowed civilian organization.

2014.- NERV's armed forces are engrossed by the U.S.'s contracted squads as well as other U.N. troops. Everybody wonders why this project is so damned important.

2015.- The story begins.

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2015 Calendar

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It's Tokyo-3, neh? Not many established locations, so far...

NERV HQ.- Check it out here

401 North St. - A largish apartment building which will be assigned as a sort of pilot barracks, once there is a supply of pilots for it. Eight two-room apartments per floor, six floors. (No, you don't have to be a pilot to live there.)

Sasamisou. - A student dormitory for boys and girls (separate, of course) tended by the deceivingly quiet Sasami Seta. It's near enough the school to avoid commuting, but far enough to worry oversleepers. Check the complete guide here.

Shinonome Intermediate - The nearby school where pilots will complete their education. Fairly normal and sedate, despite the name.

The Blues Bucket - A cozy little cafe not very far from Shinonome, it caters to the international residents of Tokyo-3, featuring live music, usually old blues and jazz. The age range varies during the day: workers at early morning, tourists and shoppers during morning and noon, military personnel and more workers during lunch break, students during the evening and young professionals (and late-staying students) at night.

The Sprawl - Tokyo-3 underwent a small spasm in its construction as the project was taken over by NERV to serve as a siege-ready citadel; The Sprawl is the evidence of the prior project. A dangerous and violent neighborhood, it's the home of the downtrodden and the gaijin that couldn't find a place uptown.

Torchy's - A sleazy bar located in the Sprawl; it's the Blues Bucket's dark reflection, serving the international rejects and destitutes that immigrated to Tokyo-3 but didn't make it uptown. It's not the worse to be found and it's survivable if the visitor has a guide or know how to handle him/herself. Also plays live music, but usually hard rock and heavy metal.

This is -it- so far, folks. If you want to set a scene elsewhere, go ahead. Very few rules... no subterranian stuff, as it'd bump into the Geofront. No huge fortified buildings (think the RNC branch from Ninja High School). That's all there is to say about that.

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Evangelion Info

Evangelion Units 0-4

Evangelion Units 00 through 04 are in Japan and operational. They are accessible to pilots only. There are various military mecha around, and only apply to military characters. There is no civilian mecha.

In case you never got technical specifications on the Evangelion units in the first place... an Evangelion is, basically, a large but skinny armored robot. They are fully humanoid, aside from variations in the facial structure and coloring, fully identical as well. Large shoulder paldrons extend from the top of each shoulder, housing the theoretically-effective Progressive Knife, as well as several attachment sites for various hardware. The Evangelion is powered by a large, heavily-reinforced power cord, also called umbilical cable,, which is capable of sustaining a Unit indefinitely. Detached, the Unit carries five minutes of normal maneuvering power. This power is reduced to one minute if the pilot is forced to generate an AT field (read: combat situation), an extremely power-intensive activity.

Of course, the Eva are NOT simply big robots. They are living beings underneath the armor, genetically engineered from God-knows-what source DNA. There are some indications of instabilities in the robot's control components; technicians attribute this to many possibilities, but normally agree on pilot error or even latent psychosis of the pilot. Unbeknownst to even their creators, the Evangelions possess rudimentary sentience.

ArsenalThe Evangelions have few weapons at their disposal. Foremost is the aforementioned Progressive Knife, which is theoretically capable of penetrating an AT field on physical contact due to intense vibration, and is self-powered. The aptly-named Pellet Rifle, which looks like a very large battle rifle of European manufacture, is also available though much less effective. Naturally, the staff of NERV is working around the clock to incorporate the latest technologies, and the more... interesting members are constantly coming up with more and better ways to combat the enemy.

The AT (Absolute Terror) Field itself deserves a small amount of explanation. Essentially, it is a force field. The field manifests itself in an orange-red, octagonal shimmer of energy around any attempt at penetration at a distance called the Himmel Boundary. The fields on the Evangelions are rated to withstand any weaponry short of a direct attack by N2 weapon. Theoretical data suggests that AT fields are mutually destructive; that is, if two targets attempt to engage an AT field against one another's attacks, neither field will prove effective. The field strength is highly variable for reasons that are poorly understood at this time, but have been related to the survival instinct or feelings of isolation, rejections and primitive fear.

The Evangelion unit is piloted by a mental link betweeen the robot and a single human pilot. Through this link, the pilot may effect the motion of the robot as if it were his or her own body. Gross motor control is accomplished by simple thought, although secondary controls are available to augment fine operations. Dual weapon controls assist the pilot in projectile-weapon targeting; a visual overlay unit is also available, but normally stowed to keep it out of the pilot's way. While synchronized, the pilot will have access to the sensorium of the unit (eg, visual, audio, and tactile feedback are all present.) Unfortunately, the feedback does include pain, a phenomenon called the Stigmata Response.The Stigmata Filter is a damper system that shields the pilot somewhat from the feedback, but it can't be set too high, since it would interfere with the synchronization signal, meaning that severe trauma to the unit will coincide with agonizing pain to the unit's operator. Also, for poorly understood reasons, the Evangelion units are incapable of attaining proper synchronization with any pilot over fifteen years of age, and all test pilots of older vintage suffer from massive insanities or were listed as missing in action.

In case of damage, the Evangelion unit should withdraw from the combat area. The armor varies in thickness from 220mm at the joints to an awe-inspiring 1200mm at the thickest point in the chest. The armor is a special composite of high-carbon steel, vanadium, and tungsten, mounted on titanium supports for maximum flexibility. Damage that penetrates this armor will necessarily interfere with the proper function of the Unit, and may only be repaired through a special regrowth process. Theory and construction notes suggest that the reconstruction of an entire arm or leg could be effected in as little as two weeks, given an absence of complicating factors and sufficient work force.

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Other Military Info

NERV has a small detachment of the 41st Guard battalion of the Japanese Ground Self-Defence Forces, for use as site security. The Japanese military has several fully functional units of ground armor, large numbers of A-77 VTOL craft, and quite a few wings of fast attack aircraft of undetermined type at its disposal. In case of attack by Angel, or if the Evangelion defense is incapacitated, these forces will be augmented by United Nations regular troops, which consist of much the same material. (And lots of it, because the average Angel will hamburger many, many normal troops.)

Standard military doctrine holds that even the largest target is still vulnerable to the much-vaunted N2 (non-nuclear) weapon. A standardized warhead, it has a yield estimated at twenty kilotons, with none of the secondary radioactive or environmental effects of a similar fission or fusion device. The N2 weapon may be launched from bomber craft, from land-based cruise missiles, from naval missile platforms, or left as a stationary weapon. These are NOT standard issue to Evangelion units.

No modern military fields mecha-type units. Certain specialized applications in heavy industry use small exoskeletons to augment the strength of human operators, though every known model would require heavy augmentation to be used effectively in the field.

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Behind the curtains

These are secrets that most characters wouldn't know, but players should if they want to think up plot twists or involve their characters in something nasty and cloak-and-daggerish.

The real founder of NERV was Dr. Gotoh Minobe, a brilliant software and hardware engineer with a penchant for cryptology. Luna Ayanami was the one who hooked him up with the mysterious petit-comittee known to few as SEELE.

Kiel Lorenz (who in this game is definitely not the Wandering Jew) heads SEELE, formed by a few international members; his goals are unclear, and there are references to a Tabula Rasa Procedure, but this is only known to SEELE members. Lorenz has also mentioned the existance of an unknown enemy of mankind which NERV must watch against, and it's not the Angels.

Perhaps he refers to the international terrorist group known as KERN, who are infiltrated in the U.N. Security Council itself. This group strikes against random military and research facilities and has never stated any demands or ideology, only vindications. Their presence in the story has been very small until now; only one character knows about them.

Behind SEELE's back, Ayanami started Project Morgaine, which cost the life of Dr. Kaede Minobe's assistant. A few months later, Dr. Gotoh Minobe died electrocuted inside his greatest achievement: the MAGI system.

The U.N. has approved Project Gotterdammerung, which surrounds Tokyo-3 with emplaced nuclear devices set to detonate in case the Evangelions fail to stop the Angels; whether the bombs are there or it's just a way to put some pressure on NERV is unknown.

BTW; there is no Longinus Lance in this game.

A world of secrets

Here's an updated checklist of the secrets as have been revealed in-game:

SEELE: Entrenched in the U.N., this shadow cabinet runs a secret plan for humanity's future: the Tabula Rasa Procedure.

The Tabula Rasa Procedure: A plan to evolve humanity. No details will be available for quite a while.

NERV: SEELE's executive branch, in charge of carrying out the mandates of the Procedure, which includes the Evangelions.

The Marduk Institute: A series of phony organizations and covers for NERV Intelligence in its role as gatherer of potential Evangelion pilots.

The Evangelion Units: Biomechanical monstrosities grown from undisclosed DNA; their real nature is different than in the series; each of them has it's own personality, and they exist both in the physical and the spiritual plane.

The Children: Boys and girls born in the same year as the Second Impact or after who show the capacity to synchronize with the Evangelion's neural interface. First Stage Children are the pilots and pilot candidates, Second Stage Children are mostly girls, and may go beyond the pilots' abilities and have a deeper connection with the Angels. Third Stage Children are all girls, and Ayanami mentioned that their true danger comes when they get pregnant.

Project Morgaine: Commander Ayanami's pet project, running in secret and directly against SEELE's wishes; it involves the use of psychic abilities in synch with the EVAs for an unknown purpose.

HERZ: The father organization of KERN, and SEELE's nemesis. It's actual goals are unknown.

KERN: Alledged terrorist group who sabotages scientific projects by any means necessary.

Section 23: A holdover of the U.S. secret science research branch, now run by a joint ex-CIA, ex-KGB mindset.

The United Nations: After the Second Impact and the Third World War, this organization is no longer the outspoken useless organism it was in the 20th century, but has it's own armed forces, independent of other nations' armies, and enforces it's dictates by political, economical and forceful ways. Utterly dominated by SEELE.

Project Tinspanner: Spearheaded by the U.N., an attempt to develop ultra-high tech weapons as an alternative to the Evangelions. Their machines are powerful, but still pale before the EVAs.

Project Gotterdamerung: U.N.s mandate that Tokyo-3 be surrounded by nuclear warheads that would detonate in case the EVAs fail to stop an Angel. A measure to pressure NERV, it has been defused and dismantled by SEELE behind the U.N.'s back long ago, and was never operational.

Project Herod: Another of Ayanami's secret projects, it appears to involve the termination of Second Stage Children who threaten to pass into the Third Stage.

Psychic powers: They exist in a very limited and metaphorical way; mostly capabilities like precognition, dreamwalking, telemetry, empathy, semiotic telepathy and other perception-related effects. No telekinesis, pyrokinesis or any other -kinesis. Let's keep this mysterious, think Millenium, not X-Men.

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Angel Info

What, you didn't think there would be Angels? <chuckle> Yes, there will be Angels. Lots of them, probably. Before an Angel actually attacks, all players will be notified by e-mail about the timing and particulars. Please, PLEASE keep this knowledge separate from character knowledge... while it's okay to have your crack pilot "edgy" for no particular reason, none of these guys can accurately forcast an attack any better than Misato could. (And no, no PCs are privy to any "scenario", even if it exists at all.)

Aside from Sacchiel, all the Angels will be different from the series.

The 1st. Angel, The Angel of Light: It's always been here, watching the comings and goings of humanity, half-asleep. When a foolish team of scientists woke it, they caused the Second Impact. At that moment, the Angel chose to be born as a human, to watch humanity's struggle against what they themselves had called. It's name is Lucifer.

The 2nd. Angel, The Angel of Memory: Seven years later, this Angel coalesced after Lucifer's coming. It decided to follow Lucifer's example, but it was too late to be born and be able to particpate in the coming struggle, so he chose to nest inside a human. It's name is Zadkiel.

The 3rd. Angel, The Angel of Fish: Unlike his previous brethren, this Angel is almost mindless, drawn to Earth by the unknown beacon that will call all the others. It was the first Angel to face the Evangelions, and was destroyed by the children who were piloting the giants at the time: Zeshin Shiotani and Aoki Kisaragi, Kei Satsuki, Nadia Ordina and Noriko Hayakawa. It's name was Sacchiel.

The 4th. Angel, The Angel of Tremors: This Angel tested the ability of the pilots to work as a team; able to create sonic shocks that rocked the earth or repulsed the Evas and, even when they got close, it pummeled them with mace-like appendages. It was destroyed by the cooperation between Zeshin Shiotani and Sakura Kitsune, Kei Satsuki, Kogoe Mimaisu, Shinya Kazima and Noriko Hayakawa. It's name was Rashiel.

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