Rules and Guidelines

The Evangelion RPG: Rules and Guidelines
(Written by Avatar and revised by Tenshi with further revision by Al-X)

I know no one likes rules, but there are some that MUST be followed.
This is to insure that everyone has fun and that there are no

Character and World Concepts

No canon characters. There's no Shinji, Asuka, or any other originals running around. This is so that we don't run into a lot of troubles with inconsistencies in the character (Shinji, no matter how much the guy deserved it, would not punch his lights out) and so that everyone has a shot at being the pilot of Unit 02.
Note: We made an exception for bridge staff: Shigeru Aoba, Makoto Hyuga and Maya Ibuki are present, but they are classified as NPCs. (That way, at least everybody gets to use them, see Cast.)

No Ranma/Tamahome martial arts, or Rally Vincent gunplay, or Washuu scientists. No one is beautiful, a great cook, a defender of justice, parent of three, strong and the president of the community's glee club, though two out of the load isn't too bad. We don't want to read about super-people. They are not a lot of fun to read about, and really off theme to boot.

No bringing in cross-over characters. Even if it is likely that Ryoga Hibiki will show up as he wanders back to Furinkan High, he's not going to. Plain and simple. (If you can't resist, write a fic! I did. ;p)

Supernatural events. Nothing spectacular. Angels are running around, sure, but do we *really* need to throw vampires, werewolves and poltergeists into the mix?

Rival organizations. Only with my approval. These are more or less plot devices and can get old, very fast.

You can add new elements to the game world (newspapers, school officials, police, etc.) provided that, if it has the potential to mess with the overall plot or affect other characters, you discuss it with the Gamemaster first. Otherwise, go ahead.


No killing other's PCs. Dirty pool. If you want your character to die, email me with a VERY good reason why. If you are leaving the club, wouldn't it be much better to put your character up for adoption so that someone else can have fun?

No, you can't write in an Angel whenever you bloody want! We have a schedule for that. This is so that all characters can write a story about the same attack, whether are directly involved or not. Even if *you* know about the attack three months in advance, your characters are going to be more or less surprised. (Of course, this is not to say that we don't want your cool Angel suggestions... just don't be disappointed if it doesn't show up for a while.)

Do NOT break an Eva beyond repair. Kill off your pilot, sure, we'll just sub in somebody else... We don't exactly have the resources to make new Evas in the game. We may consider building a few more later on if there is a need, but we can't go around rebuilding Unit 00 all the time.

No Evangelions outside NERV; if you feel the incredible urge to include a secret project that will build other giant robots... take a deep breath and forget about it; we don't want to spoil the atmosphere by having Godzilla-like fights between giant robots.

Using Characters Other than your Own

For more details on the NPCs, visit the Cast page.

a) if it's Luna Ayanami, that you don't reveal any secret agenda; just be vague and it can be confused with being cryptic ^_^. This provision will rescind when Crystal comes back and Luna becomes another PC.

b) if it's Dr. Kaede Minobe, that you don't use anything regarding Project Morgaine or Gotoh's death.

c) Even if they don't have character sheets, you can use Shigeru Aoba, Makoto Hyuga and Maya Ibuki.

d) You can't use Seki Hisano in any role except of messenger or giving short orders.

e) Feel free to use the engineers collectively, for humorous purposes, or singly if you have something else in mind. Most of them -are- at least a bit loopy, but then again, who isn't?

In any case, keep in mind what has gone before for those characters and the description in their character sheets.

On other NPCs:

The supporting cast is there for you to use; ths school principal, sympathetic security guards, nosy underground reporters, classmates, neighbors, et. al. However, if you give a name and identity to an NPC, write it down somewhere and send it to me; you never know when some character may become more important ^_^.

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